Multi-millionaire and McAfee Founder John McAfee has made headlines threatening the dirtiest intelligence agency in the world, the CIA.

McAfee has threatened to “bury” the U.S. government if they keep harassing him over unpaid taxes, promising to leak a huge trove of files proving corruption throughout Washington and American allies.

He’s even gone as far too promising to release the names of 25 Congressmen and 5 Senators republican and democrat who are coming up for re-election in 2020.

McAfee also claims he will post 31 terabytes of incriminating information if he is arrested or if he disappears altogether. This is also budding heads with the DOJ since their racking up charges against him from murder, money laundering, and racketeering. Apparently, this all because of tax evasion and the DOJ wants to extradite him for it.

He hasn’t paid taxes in 8 years saying taxation is illegal. Currently, he’s living in the Carribean on his yacht where he’ll be running for president from as a libertarian. He’s threatened to use several doppelganger’s to campaign for him while he’s in exile.

All I know is he needs to release the documents now because what’s the hold-up? Take them down and trump needs to get rid of the CIA. Taking down the deep state is necessary, and if he’s such a libertarian I ask again, why hasn’t he done it? Could this be the “Ace in the Hole” for Julian Assange? Time will tell

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