Suffering a compound leg fracture then going through 17 surgeries later to repair it and being the 3rd most winningest quarterback in the past 12 years in the NFL, I fully see Alex Smith making a full recovery and playing professional football again.

Alex Smith Will Play for the Denver Broncos or Chicago Bears in 2020 2 alex smith

It’s undeniable the mental toughness Smith possesses and his will to overcome his biggest hurdle right now and that’s returning. He was recently praised for his determination to return to the game he loves by current interim Redskins coach Bill Callahan.

“I’ve never seen a player with that type of will — he wills himself to do things, and he’s a great example for players and for people in general to emulate and to follow, …I’ve got more respect for Alex than you can even imagine.”

Bill Callahan – Washington Redskins Interim Head Coach


Does he stay with the Redskins? Maybe, I doubt it though. I could see him playing with perhaps two other teams, but who?

Alex Smith Will Play for the Denver Broncos or Chicago Bears in 2020 3 alex smith
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Denver Broncos

At the time Alex Smith was looking for a new home it appeared he was going to be a good fit for the Broncos but Chiefs Chairman and CEO Clark Hunt strongly implied that his organization was unwilling to consider bolstering a division rival.

News flash he’s not with Kansas City anymore! The Broncos and John Elway had even offered cornerback Aqib Talib and a second-round draft pick for Smith. It’s not out the question altogether yet either, it’s very likely.

What a way to prove himself though, to go to the mile-high city and end up facing his apprentice in Patrick Mahomes his former head coach Andy Reid and the Chiefs two times a year.

Elway’s time is numbered as General Manager of the organization and Smith returning once he’s 100% is his best shot in my opinion to turning the organization around. Smith may have bought his body extra playing time since he was abruptly given time to heal due to his leg injury. He would do a good job mentoring Drew Lock as well.

Alex Smith Will Play for the Denver Broncos or Chicago Bears in 2020 4 alex smith

Chicago Bears

You would ask why right? Well, his name is Matt Nagy the Chicago Bears head coach! The man who ran the offense for Smith when he had his best year ever in his career in Kansas City.

Smith has backed Nagy and what he brought to Chicago even from afar in Washington. However, Mitchell Trubisky seems to be going into a major slump and regressed tremendously.

I’ve said it before that Alex Smith is the ultimate professional and let him play out his career there in the meantime he would be able to mentor a young quarterback like he’s done with Kaepernick and Mahomes.

Another plus for Alex playing for in Chicago would be the stellar defense they possess that would limit pressure on Alex having to do everything especially since he really hasn’t had a great defense anywhere he’s played for a long period of time. He can certainly make them a contender.

Alex Smith Will Play for the Denver Broncos or Chicago Bears in 2020 5 alex smith
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Why not Washington?

Why not? Because they have four quarterbacks on their roster and Haskins is the up and comer that they are hoping to carry the franchise in the near future.

The other reason is with Gruden fired and the rest of the franchise being the way that it is, they don’t know how to run an organization.

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