Fonda’s arrest marks the third Friday in a row that the actress has clashed with police during a protest in the nation’s capital, this time she wasn’t alone, Ted Danson was arrested too.

Danson who has done humanitarian work for Oceana said, β€œAll of this is inconvenient. It’s inconvenient for politicians to stop taking money from fossil fuels.”

Jane Fonda Arrested for Third Time Today with Ted Danson 2 Jane Fonda

The two were arrested during an event called Fire Drill Fridays, which are organized by Fonda in an effort to get politicians to address climate change.

Capitol Police released a statement on Friday afternoon that read: ‘Fonda and Danson were among 32 people arrested for allegedly unlawfully demonstrating in the intersection of East Capitol and First Streets.’

The demonstrators are being charged with crowding, obstructing or incommoding, which are classified as misdemeanors. 

Jane Fonda Arrested for Third Time Today with Ted Danson 3 Jane Fonda

Fonda has been in support of the Black Panthers, protested Vietnam, invoked in anti-nuclear demonstrations and marched for rights of native Americans, female rights and the rights of soldiers.

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