Over 1,000 unsealed court documents revealed a plethora of names that were on Harvey Weinstein’s “red flag list” which entails a list of individuals that Harvey provided to a private investigator since he was fearful people were talking to journalists about his sexual conduct in a negative light.

If the “red flag list” sounds familiar, it’s because it was brought up in court, only revealing Annabella Sciorra’s name, at the time. A private investigator testified & said Harvey asked him to investigate Annabella & the entire list, but he declined.

Some of those names include Rose McGowan, Ben Affleck, Jennifer Todd, Jason Blum, and Megan Ellison to name a few.

However, one name that was disclosed in those unsealed “red flag list” documents was Jennifer Aniston. Weinstein apparently thought she was going to speak to the National Enquirer over a false and unsubstantiated allegation of him supposedly groping her.

The Enquirer reached out to his camp for comment and Weinstein apparently went ballistic sending an email that says “Jen Aniston should be killed.” There’s no telling who else he sent that email to or another method he got that message out to those that could’ve possibly done something with a suggestion like that.

Variety reports that Aniston denies the claims and says there was never any harassment or assault by Mr. Weinstein.

Harvey Weinstein Had Jennifer Aniston on His 'Red Flag List' To Be Killed 2 Jennifer Aniston

Let’s be crystal clear, I don’t believe for one second the Enquirer article is false, and I do not understand why Anniston’s representatives would deny it. Shouldn’t this be the time to expose everyone for all the heinous shit they’ve done in Hollyweird? The truth will bring more victims to light not save face for rotten apples that think they’re still entitled to their privilege.

So what if she doesn’t get another job because she speaks the truth, the truth shall set you free and not all money is good money right? Maybe that’s what those sick bastards who’d give their left but for fame have forgotten!

There are two big questions I want to be answered, who else is out there that will speak the truth to bring down this organization of abusers and assaulters, and if Aniston would’ve substantiated those claims by the Enquirer would she have been murdered by someone else that would’ve been hired by Harvey? Make no mistake everything is connected and they will fall.

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