A federal judge in Florida ruled Thursday that Department of Justice violated the victims’ rights in its non-prosecution agreement with Jeffrey Epstein. They failed to consult with the victims & keep them informed of the deal. The suit vs. DOJ was brought in 2008 by two then teen victims of Epstein.

The Court is giving the parties 15 days to weigh in on what happens next. Expect a big fight over what the remedy might be, now that the court has found the Epstein deal violated the victims’ rights. One possible remedy already raised by the court, and the one sought by the plaintiff victims is a rescission of the agreement. Once Epstein got behind bars, he didn’t even spend that much time in his cell. Epstein was allowed to leave for work and was released six days a week to do so. He basically just slept there.

Federal Prosecutors Broke Law in Epstein Case 2 Epstein

The DOJ argued several years ago in this case, that a remedy of rescission of Epstein’s deal would be prohibited by Due Process guarantees, even if the deal violated the Crime Victims’ Rights Act. DOJ argued, in the alternative, that even if the judge set the NPA aside, the “gesture would be futile” because the DOJ would still be legally bound to abide by the terms of the 2007 deal. Therefore, victims could never get what they really want, which is for Epstein to be prosecuted.

Jeffrey Epstein should be spending his life in prison, but because this bull shit Epstein had only served a little more than a year in jail. Why? The fix may have been in. Epstein is friend with Bill and Hillary Clinton, Donald Trump and Prince Andrew and that doesn’t leave me with a good feeling especially if Trump had any knowledge of this. This whole situation just feels filthy and I see it getting worse. Will the truth come out? Who else is involved?

Donald Trump was on the witness list filed on August 31, 2016, for a civil trial involving billionaire pedophile Jeffrey Epstein, along with Bill Richardson, the former governor of New Mexico. And almost 3 years ago, a woman filed a suit against Trump and Epstein for sexual abuse under threat of harm and conspiracy to deprive her civil rights when she was 13 years old.

In a deposition, Epstein’s brother Mark testified that he once flew on Jeffrey Epstein’s plane with both him and Trump, who were “friends.”Asked why Trump was on board, Mark Epstein replied, “You’ll have to ask Donald.” Bill Clinton was supposedly on the private jet 95 times to Epstein’s private island. The jet was called the “lolita express.”

Alexander Acosta should be investigated and charged with breaking the law plain and simple. They should also investigate why he did it and who told him to do it.

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