Washington Governor Jay Inslee is running for president, becoming the first governor to enter the 2020 race and the first candidate to run on a climate change platform. In his announcement video, Inslee, who has been leading Washington state since 2013, says he is running because he is the “only candidate who will make defeating climate change our nation’s number one priority.” Yet he said it would be his fourth priority.

Breaking News: Governor Jay Inslee Enters Presidential Race 1 Jay Inslee

“We have an opportunity to transform our economy, run on 100% clean energy, that will bring millions of good paying jobs to every community across America, ”so he’s running on a very different platform right out the gate? I appreciate that. Will it matter? No.

Inslee has spent the past year as the chairman of the DGA, which provided him with a national platform and ability to travel the country to prepare for his presidential launch. Inslee will make an official announcement with family and friends at A&R Solar in South Seattle.

It’s looking like there are a proposed 20 candidates left to enter the race, looks like Teflon Don will get another 4 years. Jay Inslee is the 13th democratic candidate thus far. More news to come on this story.

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