Roseanne Barr Calls Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez ‘That Bug-Eyed B***h’ and Rails Against the Green New Deal and Socialism. Let’s compare her comment to those Farrakhan has made against Trump & his supporters, against Jews, against whites etc. Which part of her statement was factually incorrect? Being blunt while stating a truism is not a crime.

Roseanne is just doing what every other actor/comedian does when they curse out Trump/members of his admin or of the GOP. Are people just focusing on Roseanne right now because they don’t want to focus on the left-leaning actor that was arrested for lying about hate crime? Jussie Smollett. The media was all up his ass when the story broke about being bleached and beaten but turns out it was a hoax. Since the beginning, the story didn’t smell right. Now he has been indicted and possibly charged for a false police report. But they are ignoring they created a narrative targeting Trump supporters.

Roseanne had her career collapse last year when she made statements about Valerie Jarett who had worked for the Obama administration. She compared literal similarities between her and a monkey from the planet of the apes. ABC then canceled her hit show ‘Roseanne’.

But why is the Cosby show still in reruns all over cable TV? They pulled every single rerun of Rosanne from 4 channels. It’s liberal left BS. Look at what they did to Last Man Standing. That doesn’t equate to Roseanne not only being booted from Roseanne but having to give up the rights to HER show so that the rest of the cast could keep their jobs.

It’s really, ultimately, that the advertizers didn’t want their products associated with her show. Should CNN forgive Rick Sanchez about his nasty remarks about Jews, Roland Martin and his remarks about gays? The hypocrisy is indeed vindictive.

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