Federal court orders Hillary Clinton to sit for a deposition in a lawsuit over her time as Secretary of State. The court order requires Hillary Clinton to sit for a deposition within 75 days, as part of the discovery process into her use of a private server.

Royce Lamberth made his decision after a five year FOIA lawsuit by Judicial Watch filed seeking emails related to the deadly 2012 attack on U.S. facilities in Benghazi, Libya. He also said the public needs to know many more things regarding Hillary Clinton’s purpose and use for private email server.

How did she arrive at her belief that her private server emails would be preserved by normal State Department processes for email retention? Who told her that—if anyone—and when? Did she realize State was giving ‘no records’ response to FOIA requests for her emails? If so, did she suspect that she had any obligation to disclose the existence of her private server to those at State handling the FOIA requests? … And why did she think that using a private server to conduct State Department business was permissible under the law in the first place?

Judge Royce Lamberth

She should be sitting in a jail cell and rotting in it, Clinton is a crook and a criminal.

Federal Judge Orders Hillary Clinton Deposition Regarding Emails 2 Hillary Clinton

Do Americans have to wonder if this is one reason she hasn’t officially tossed her hat in the democratic race again? Democrats and Deep State affiliates should be nervous that her criminal culpability is finally going to be exposed. However, if somehow she does skate again, look for her nomination at the DNC convention.

Look for her Deep State tactics to take play as she’s always done. Hillary is an expert at telling half-truths that don’t pin her down on a black/white issue, which makes it hard to prove she knowingly lied. “I don’t recall”, claiming some type of privilege that may or may not exist.

The court also ordered the deposition of Clinton’s former Chief of Staff, Cheryl Mills & 2 other State Department officials. Hats off to Judicial Watch for never going up on the truth for the American people.

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