Amy Klobuchar will end her 2020 presidential campaign and endorse Joe Biden according to a campaign aide.

Unlike Buttigieg, Klobuchar is actually endorsing Biden but much like Pete, she’s dropping kit like he did making herself the third candidate to drop out the race from the democrats in three days.

It’s odd this comes a day before Super Tuesday and the primary from her home state of Minnesota. This tells me they want it to be a showdown between Biden and Sanders where they will screw Sanders somehow.

Imagine the pressure the Sanders campaign is feeling knowing that the plan is to lust it over for Biden. Does this put pressure on Warren today to end her bid? He needs her votes now more than ever to get through Super Tuesday with the kind of momentum he keeps saying he has.

In the end, all of the corporate Democrats are trying to consolidate around Sleepy Joe Biden who is a carbon copy of Hillary Clinton’s 2016 campaign. The Bernie Bros will result and it needs to happen to take down that democratic deep state.

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