Biden and his administration have tired out their welcome as occupants in the White House!

Where is the backlash from his supporters, the media that’s supposed to be unbiased whether it’s on TV, radio, podcasts or in print? I have not seen anybody call him out on the things he has yet to deliver on. I guess since he’s Joe Biden and a Democrat he automatically gets a pass.

Biden and his administration made many promises to the American people, some we liked, some we didn’t depending on what floats your boat, but he made them nonetheless and here is the first thing that he has failed the American people on.

Biden’s Broke America


There is no doubt in my mind that the people who needed the money for unemployment should still be getting it. Is it coincidental that the jobs report comes out a few months ago and all of a sudden Joe Biden and his administration begin questioning whether unemployment should be stopped in order to force people back to work? It’s not a coincidence!

Yet, when President Trump was trying to make people go back to work and stop unemployment last year Democrats found this was unacceptable and inhumane. Really? But now the man “in charge” and his cronies, make it seem as if it’s fair game simply because we have a vaccine, when there are millions upon millions of people who refuse to get the vaccine, who are then demonized because it’s their personal choice not to take it. How are they any safer being forced to go back to work? I thought the left loved when people were pro choice? My mistake!

Were Democrats truly worried about Americans going back to work, or were they more consumed with President Trump failing because of the pandemic? Did they push everyone to stay inside because it made President Trump’s economy look worse and in turn looked better for their argument come election time? My how things have changed! Manipulation of narratives is what politicians do.

To me this was all fluff from Biden and the Democrats “helping” Americans! We know if Biden hadn’t pushed going back to work because he was embarrassed about his jobs numbers, republican governor’s wouldn’t have a chance in stopping it. But if it looks good for the man in the White House then it’s okay, right?

The jobs report looked horrible and Biden’s administration was not going to take a blemish on his record especially this early, so it became about ego instead of heart!

Why would you send Americans back to work when they’d be making less money as we are still in a pandemic? Because the optics look better in the short term for Biden, when the flip side tells you that the employers are paying significantly less in part because of the pandemic. It’s counterproductive to the progress Biden consistently thumps his chest at every second he’s on camera.

People don’t understand that the removal of unemployment by the states and at the recommendation of the federal government hurts gig workers dramatically.

As a gig worker myself, the demand for Uber and Lyft have dropped dramatically because people are hesitant to take a ride over the cleanliness of the car their getting into, the drivers cleanliness overall and are more weary of the germs a previous passenger may have left in vehicle prior to their entry.

For two companies that are losing money left and right Uber and Lyft sure are throwing everything at the wall to bring back drivers with insane perks to lure them back. In certain areas they are even promising $200 bonuses for people who do certain amount of rides, and as a person who has done this for years I have not seen that since when I first started. But none of this means anything if you can’t reach that goal because there aren’t that many people taking rides. As independent contractors drivers are putting wear and tear on their cars, spending an insane amount of money on gas and repairs, it’s just not worth it.

I hear all the time people complaining that unemployment needed to stop because people are taking advantage of it, well you know what, whose money is it? It’s not their money, it’s my money! It’s not the federal government’s money, it’s our money! We have been taxed as American citizens on the most ridiculous things and have never seen a return of it.

The people getting unemployment should still be getting unemployment because it is their money that they put into the system that they were never going to get back, and the same thing goes for the stimulus checks, give the people back their money that they are owed. In my opinion, every American should have received a check no matter how much they made.

Listen I know people are afraid that the unemployment system that was in place for the past year and a half and, in many states still is, was leading to what they would call a welfare state, but I don’t think it was. I saw the outcome as the free market eventually correcting itself ensuring people make the correct amount of money they are owed whether it be from small businesses like a mom and pop or to something above that.

In my estimation, the Republican governors stopping unemployment across the United States dropped the ball at the behest of Democratic leadership in Congress and the people in charge in the White House.

The bereaucrats failed supporting a free market that I truly believe would have corrected pay disparities across the board making things like equal pay a thing of the past. Maybe that’s what the leadership wanted to avoid. Imagine sacrifing Americans sustainable future over numbers in a jobs report they were afraid of. Moreover, sabotaging a future of equality they so “desperately” want like equal pay but not actually seeing it through because what else would they have to campaign on.

Democrats would have one less thing to campaign on like equal pay that was resolved not due to them, which would make them vulnerable in the big picture showing that Democrats and Republicans are much more like than they seem.

Americans would be better in the hands of Donald Trump than they are currently right now in the hands of Joe Biden and his hawkish cronies.

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