Today President Trump said that he is asking his administration to temporarily delay the 2020 census in light of the Supreme Court ruling blocking the question for the time being.

I agree with the president 100% why shouldn’t we be able to find out if you’re here legally or illegally? That’s fair!

I’m seeing all kind of shit in the news and twitter saying it’s unconstitutional that he’s delaying the process of the census to take place, pathetic. There is nothing that indicates it won’t be resolved in a short period of time.

The Supreme Court earlier Thursday ruled 5-4 against the Trump administration over the census citizenship question, finding that the official reasoning for the question was not in line with evidence presented in the case.

As part of the ruling issued on the last day of the court’s current term, the justices sent the issue back to the Commerce Department for it to decide whether to provide a different rationale for requiring people taking part in the census to declare whether they are citizens.

The clock is ticking, with the administration previously saying that census forms needed to be printed in the coming days. A determination from a federal agency normally would take weeks or months.

The court ruled against the challengers in a separate 5-4 vote, with all the conservative justices in the majority, that the U.S. Constitution does not in theory prevent the administration or a future one from adding a citizenship question.

In a dissenting opinion, conservative Justice Clarence Thomas wrote that adding a citizenship question is “legally sound” and described the ruling against Trump as “an aberration.”

Get it done and get the damn question approved. Do you agree?

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