Last night Kamala Harris may have derailed the former vice president’s campaign nearly as quickly as it started, and that’s a great thing. As the front runner since even before he announced his bid for the presidency Joe Biden has been the front runner winning nearly every poll. Last night it was an uphill battle in the democratic debate where he may have been assaulted and he doesn’t even know it. That lead may not be as safe as it was prior to the debate.

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This morning may be the birth of another front runner and there may be a different narrative to how people perceive Biden. Kamala Harris dragged Biden though the coals by bringing up his history working with segregationists on the issue of school busing.

“As the only black person on this stage, I would like to speak on the issue of race.” – Kamala Harris to Biden. “I do not think you are a racist, but it is hurtful to hear you praise segregationists and oppose busing. That little girl who was bused to school was me.”

During a fundraising event last week Joe Biden recalled working with segregationists in Congress decades ago in order to “get things done.” His remarks were quickly criticized for sanitizing racist politicians.

I don’t like Joe Biden and do not like his history with certain people or who he’s aligned with, he’s trash to me. However, with that being said, Biden may be someone I don’t like but he does make a legitimate point when dealing with horrible people. Kamala may be taking shots for political gain and personal ones at that but what happens if she’s president?

Well, Kamala what you’d have to do if hell froze over and you actually win the presidential race is just that, be diplomatic. In positions of power, especially political, throughout history one thing is evident, everyone must work with people you dislike and don’t agree with no matter how evil to make this world a better place.

Donald Trump does that on a daily scale with North Korea, Russia, Iraq, Syria, Palestine and many more. Trump has a gigantic ego but has made more progress on foreign policy virtually than anyone before him in coming to the table and talking. That’s diplomacy! President Trump must be ecstatic that they’re eating each other alive. That’s great news for the Trump Administration.

In politics, you have to work with terrible horrific people and that does include, sadly, downright racist people to get things done especially when they possess power. Now sacrificing the greater good to please someone like that when you get nothing in return is never a good look. If you can’t work with them you must be able to work around them to get things accomplished.

Was Kamala Harris playing the race card? Should she have brought It up? I don’t think so and yes she should have, but painting a narrative that may be slightly disingenuous not so good. She does have one thing that I agree with and that’s her quote to Biden later on in that conversation where she told him, “There are moments in history where states failed to preserve the civil rights of all people.”

It is the duty of our local, state and federal governments not to forget their commitment to representing the people of this great country. It is also their responsibility to ensure forcing advancement for the betterment of the individual is key in preserving the rights guaranteed to us and protected by the greatest document in history, the United States Constitution.

The Constitution has never been intended so racist and evil people can manipulate it and disregard but only apply it when they need to justify something that’s completely wrong and distorted.

Kamala Hartis sent this tweet out last night, OUCH. I have never seen Joe Biden so distraught and get his ass handed to him as Kamala did to him, a beautiful thing though. He was Flustered.

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