Former Vice President Joe Biden says that he will cure cancer if he’s elected president. He’s had a history with cancer especially within his family, in 2015, brain cancer took his son Beau Biden.

Do you think it's okay that Biden promised to cure cancer?

Biden also leads the cancer initiative at the University of Pennsylavania where they aim to speed up the process to prevent the types of cancer strains, research, care, and accurate results.

He may have a history with cancer but so does every other American. I’m sorry but Biden is pandering the hell out of something that shouldn’t be exploited.

Do you believe Joe Biden Will Cure Cancer if Elected President? 1 Joe Biden

Can we speak about the elephant in the room? He said he will cure cancer if he’s elected, well what happens when he doesn’t win? Does he not release the cure? Why didn’t Biden do this with his 8 years as Vice President or 30 years in the Senate?

I’d be impressed if he promised to cure cancer whether or not he were elected. But this promise sounds like he’s holding us hostage. As if he had the ability. Hell just maybe he’d be the lead democratic nominee by far if he guarantees to get rid of climate change?

If most people are honest with themselves I think we already know that there’s already a cure for cancer somewhere, it’s whether or not the deep state wants to release it.

The gist of the story for Joe Biden and Iowa and America is to realize you must never ever use a disease that may kill you as a political bargaining tool.

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