Cory Booker suspends his presidential campaign, conceding that he no longer sees a path to victory due to a lack of financial resources, I guess no one really liked you. This should’ve happened sooner as he wasn’t even going to be at the next Democratic debate because of how low he was polling.

He informed his supporters and staff that due to lack of money was the primary reason. He was dropping out while his campaign released a video message attempting to inspire some sort of hope, it should be interesting on who gives his nod to as we approach Iowa.

Our campaign has reached the point where we need more money to scale up and continue building a campaign that can win — money we don’t have, and money that is harder to raise because I won’t be on the next debate stage and because the urgent business of impeachment will rightly be keeping me in Washington.

Senator and Democratic Candidate Cory Booker

I believed to my core that the answer to the common pain Americans are feeling right now, the answer to Donald Trump’s hatred and division, is to reignite our spirit of common purpose to take on our biggest challenges and build a more just and fair country for everyone. I’ve always believed that. I still believe that. I’m proud I never compromised my faith in these principles during this campaign to score political points or tear down others

Senator and Democratic Candidate Cory Booker

If there was hope I hope actually Is that since he is an African American more black and brown people who are much more qualified than he is will enter the race. He’ll be running for re-election in New Jersey. The dominos keep falling for the democrats let’s see who’s left and hopefully, Biden drops out soon too.

Julian Castor, Tulsi Gabbard, Andrew yang and Deval Patrick are the only other minorities left in this democratic race.

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