According to a Monday report in The New York Times, Russian hackers targeted Burisma, the Ukrainian gas company on whose board Hunter Biden served. House Speaker Pelosi and other lawmakers raised concerns on Tuesday and demanded that Congress be formally briefed.

Security experts informed the Times that their hacks involved “potentially embarrassing material” that could damage Joe Biden’s presidential campaign, sounds to me that they’re afraid of the real truth to come out because once he’s a possibility at running there’s no turning back. This has been happening since around November after the impeachment hearings.

Pelosi responded to reports that Russian military intelligence units successfully targeted Burisma, demanding Congress be briefed on the administration’s knowledge of the hack.

She’s alleged that Senator Harry Reid knew there’s been foreign election interference and he’s given them the green light to do so, and condoning future interference by foreign lowers by not voting on legislation that was a security bill that was passed in the house of representatives.

Maybe she and the rest of the past members of Congress and past administrations could learn and practice what she preaches since their regime takeovers and election interferences have never ever worked. I hope they expose everything the deep state is and it never recovers, I just hope the American people aren’t stupid enough to continue this idiocy and vote them back once it’s out.

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