History has been made. Governor Newsom has signed a bill, Fair Play to Act, allowing California college athletes to profit from endorsements, making it the first state to do so.

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Gavin Newsom on the NCAA endorsement bill: “Every single student in the university can market their name, image, and likeness; they can go and get a YouTube channel, and they can monetize that. The only group that can’t are athletes. Why is that?”

So many people truly believe all student-athletes get free tuition, free books, free food, free housing, and clothes that are paid for then say it’s unfair to the other students in the university, we’ll that’s completely wrong.

California Governor Signs Bill Allowing College Athletes to Make Money off of Endorsements 1 California

College athletes will also be able to hire an agent licensed by the state to represent them in any deals.

Students on full academic scholarships get all of those things. Students on academic scholarships don’t generate billions for the university yet they can generate income for themselves while in school, odd huh?

Players should be able to get paid by autograph signings, apparel, creating youtube channels, etc. It should be for all sports. That way top atheletes no matter of the school can make money. Small schools to top schools people would get paid based off there fan base.

Coaches and the schools make millions while these kids are overworked, stressed out and worrying about bare necessities and their families I support this for all student-athletes.

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The legislation has received opposition from the NCAA and a number of prominent universities in California, as they believe it would be impossible for the schools to follow the NCAA’s amateurism rules. Yet they claim to be nonprofit but had a revenue of almost $2 billion in 2017. They better get ready it’s changing and it’s changing for the better.

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