Former Massachusetts Governor Bill Weld announces he’s challenging Trump for the Republican presidential nomination in 2020. This has to be the joke of the day. This man gives legitimate libertarians a bad name.

Bill Weld, they guy who ran for Vice President on the Libertarian Party ticket in 2016 and encouraged people to vote for the Democratic Party candidate? The same Bill Weld who tried to become Governor of NY and didn’t even get nominated by the GOP?

Weld literally went Republican, Libertarian, Republican, you know what first of all please have some damn consistency before you announce anything prior to announcing you’re now running for President in 2020.

I am not a Republican, I am libertarian. You, Mr. Weld, are a disgrace to politics, but no more so than the people whom you were affiliated with before. Weld endorsed Democrat Barack Obama over Republican nominee John McCain in 2008, later saying it was a mistake to do so. Clinton nominated Weld Ambassador to Mexico. I’m not even saying John McCain was any good because he wasnt, but what are you? What do you stand for? How long would any of that even last until you flopped on that? This is a complete waste of time.

Breaking News: Governor Bill Weld to Challenge Donald Trump for Republican Presidential Spot 1 Bill Weld

The fact that you held and shared a stage with Gary Johnson and have spoken the great name of the most consistent person in the history of politics, Ron Paul, is absolutely blasphemous. President Trump will eat you for breakfast and crap you out 20 minutes later because you gave him the runs, you’re not solid whatsoever.

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