This is not a site that really believes in the Q Anon theory, however, I don’t knock it. If it’s truly legit I would need them to be the equivalent to a WikiLeaks in that anything they’ve released is 100% factual. Q Anon has gone international and I’m waiting for all the talk to equal results, have they done that for you already?

There have been several coincidences in that the one, in particular, has me very intrigued, the one I think of was brought attention when several members of the QAnon family pointed out that the White House website posted a transcript of President Trump’s press conference and at the beginning it had ++. Now Q + is supposed to be the one in charge of this whole thing and the theory was it’s either President Trump or JFK Jr. who faked his own death or was it a big coincidence that was a typo? Or is this whole thing a just a hoax? I have a few questions below for you to help me understand a little better.

Is President Trump Q+?
What is Q Anon?
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Have Q Anon actually delivered anything substantial besides coincidences?
If Trump is NOT Q+, WHO IS?
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Is there really a deep state?
Did the Bush family have a part in the 9/11terror attacks?
Is Q Anon a lie?
Is Trump a part of the swamp and the deep state?
If Q Anon is legit, when will they finally prove something?
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