Legendary broadcast journalist Barbara Walters recently celebrated her 91st birthday on September 25, but she may have done it alone.

Walters became the first female co-anchor of a nightly network newscast in 1976. She’s won Daytime and Prime Time Emmy Awards for her respectable work and was honored with a Lifetime Achievement Award in 2009. In May 2010, the TV personality had open-heart surgery to correct a faulty valve, and in January 2013 she gashed her head in a nasty fall. Soon after, she was hospitalized for 10 days for chickenpox, forcing her to leave The View for six weeks. Sadly four years later, she retired from The View, and Here’s Barbara.

Are these Barbara Walters final days?

Numerous sources close to Walters have claimed that she no longer leaves her New York City home, and is completely under the supervision of a supposed unknown butler who she’s known for years.

Apparently, her condition has worsened to the extent that most of her friends haven’t spoken with her in more than two years. If visitors are allowed in to visit she has a hard time remembering or does know who they are at all because of her advanced dementia. Radar reported Walters even failed to recognize Whoopi Goldberg during a visit to her home.

“Barbara’s eyes were opened wide, and she was terrified,” the insider spilled. “Barbara screamed: ‘Who is she? Get out, get out! Help me! Get out.’ She wouldn’t stop. No one could calm her down. Whoopi excused herself from the room. She was heartbroken by what she saw.”

Prior to her condition worsening Walters ensured that her funeral wants and needs would be taken care of. It’s said that she’s either napping or staring blankly out her windows nowadays.

It’s a travesty that a disease like this exists and that it hits people where their heart truly exists, in their mind. You have to ask yourself when you die what happens to you, do you got to heaven at your greatest point in life or as you were in your final days? It’s a scary question to ponder because will your mortality be worth being remembered? If it isn’t, it’d be very sad considering what you’ve done with your impact, in this case, Walters, and not knowing if you fulfilled yourself, a loved or a stranger.

Walters is certainly a trailblazer and the greatest interviewer in modern times, she will be greatly missed when that time comes.

Are Barbara Walters Final Days Here Due to Worsened Dementia? 1 Barbara Walters

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