The 5 Most Influential Women Ever

James Brown said, “this is a man’s world, but it would be Nothing…Nothing without a woman or a girl.” He’s Damn Right!

In honor of breast cancer awareness month, I think it’s only fitting if we have a list of who the most influential women have been since my time alive. I’m going to stick to the influence they had on culture nationally and internationally. Don’t get upset if you think I left someone out. All the women on this list belong regardless of what order. These women have sketched in stone legacies that will never be duplicated and they encapsulate everything that is greatness.

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J.K. Rowling

The woman who made the world want to read again. She is the author of the famous Harry Potter series and due to the success of the series,s she has become the United Kingdoms best-selling living author and the first billionaire author in world history. She has truly lived a “rags to riches” type of life.

She revved up imaginations in children and adults to create fantasies they hadn’t fathomed yet. She has been such a philanthropist she sacrificed her billion dollars net worth to open charities for writing and narration practices, one parent families, the multiple sclerosis society among many more.

Princess Diana  

PATAGONIA, ARGENTINA – NOVEMBER 25: Diana Princess Of Wales In Argentina Visiting Gaiman, Patagonia. (Photo by Tim Graham/Getty Images)

The Queen of Hearts? Princess Diana had an astonishing effect on the world. Perception is the legacy she left in my estimation. From when she burst onto the scene in the1980ss to her questionable death in the 1990’s she had a lasting effect on peoples of all backgrounds whether white, black, sick, dying, living, rich or poor. Princess Diana humanized power, royalty and never lacked grace in the process.

In an age where royals hadn’t really been public about their contributions to humanity she did, perhaps they didn’t care to begin with, but that changed because of her. Philanthropy became the issue of the day with the Princess and inspired musicians and other celebrities to follow her footsteps in utilizing the stardom for the greater good.
Her fight against landmines and her crusade to conquer the AIDS epidemic has not been forgotten. The fact that she thought it was imperative to make sure her sons realized there were real-life situations like homelessness, mental health issues, and bulimia that people deal with. She made it a point for them to be aware there are things outside their titles that they must pay attention to, that speak volumes about the Princess. Nearly 2 billion people watched her funeral.

Pat Summit

In my estimation, Pat Summit is the greatest college basketball coach ever. She became the first college basketball coach to get to 1,098 wins passing greats like Bobby Night starting out at just the age of 22. She brought women’s college basketball to the forefront of America, fighting for television airtime, bigger locker rooms, proper funding,  and fair treatment. She garnered and advocated television exposure in the’90ss and the famous rivalry between Geno and Pat was born. Everything women’s athletics has come from has to do with Pat Summit even if we don’t realize it.

Pat Summit’s coaching accomplishments at Tennesse read as a 7x SEC coach of the year winner, won 8 national titles, 16 SEC titles, first women coach to ever make more than a million dollars a year. Arguably the most important accomplishment is that in 38 years of her coaching every single one of her players graduated. Not to mention she became the most winningest coach in college basketball men’s and women division 1.

Barbara Walters

CORAL GABLES, FL – MAY 20: Barbara Walters attends a signing for her book “Audition” at Temple Judea on May 20, 2008 in Coral Gables, Florida. (Photo by Gustavo Caballero/Getty Images)

Barbara created a path when no other woman could in her field. I wholeheartedly believe she is the most influential journalist ever. She became the first female ever to co-anchor ABC’s World News Tonight. Her contract was for 5 years worth $1 million per year, making her the highest paid journalist at the time.

She has left a legacy on the whos who women of today. She inspired women from Oprah to Diane Sawyer, Katie Couric, Connie Chung, and Robin Roberts. These are just some among the millions of little girls and women she gave hope to. She was the creator of The View with an all women dais, never been done before but has been replicated. She knocked down walls with her style, specials and her dedication to staying the course to make things better. She has since retired in 2014 and is not doing well as we speak supposedly. Best wishes to you Barbara, get well.

Serena Williams

She is the greatest female athlete ever, I’mm still waiting to hear arguments against her. She holds the record for the most Grand Slams ever with 23, and at the age of 35 became the oldest women to win a Grand Slam singles title. She has inspired millions of girls around the world especially of color. She has made it known women athletes are here to stay and women are just as competitive as men are, maybe more so.

Serena has gone through hell and faced much-unjustified criticism simply because of the color of her skin. However, her greatness has conquered the doubters every step of the way. She has become a rating juggernaut for television similar to Tiger Woods, whenever she’s on screen the world watches. Only special people who are transcendent are able to accomplish that. Even with a 13-month break from being pregnant, she proved again She Is The GREATEST.

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