Since the revitalization of downtown Kansas City, Missouri which has included the Kansas City Power & Light district, the H& R Block headquarters, and what was formerly the Sprint Center, now the T-Mobile Center, amongst other buildings that have drawn a younger generation downtown, it has led to a steady climb of residency in the area.

With more people, comes more demand. I’ve lived in Kansas City my whole life and I’ve never seen so many food trucks in Kansas City or it’s surrounding areas in my life.

If you’re from the Kansas City, Missouri area and you frequent outside to the surrounding areas quite often like Raytown, Independence, Lee’s Summit, Shawnee, Mission, Overland Park or any other area within driving distance, chances are you’ve probably driven by a food truck a time or two.

The food truck service in the area seems to have grown exponentially over the past few years especially with first Fridays getting bigger every year.

For a while now on my way to or around the Independence Center in Independence I’d drive by a food truck over off 39th Street and Noland Road. Today I finally stopped by…

Food Truck: Rascals Big Red Food Truck

Staff: The staff was extremely nice, to the point where I felt so comfortable we started talking about things we probably shouldn’t have been talking about. This may sound odd, but they were extremely caring, and I was very appreciative because of it. From the uncle to the nephew to the wonderfully nice woman who was also working with them, not sure If there was any relation with them, but all very nice people.

Food: I ordered the classic burger which had two patties, a slice of melted cheese and it came with a bunch of extra toppings but I only requested the patties themselves, with some mayo in a lettuce wrap. Listen, I ordered my food a certain way for a reason. I recently just got back on some type of keto diet after losing 200 lbs, gaining a healthy portion of it back after tearing my knee. So if you’re asking why I ordered my food this way this is why.

Customers: I kid you not, a man walks up to the truck who happens to live not far from the area and he tells me he didn’t come to purchase any more food but that he simply wanted to tell them how great the food was as the day before was his first time trying the food.

A Food Truck Review: Rascals Big Red Food Truck 2 Food Truck
Classic Smash Burger at the Big Red Food Truck in Independence, MO

Taste: They told me they simply used salt, and if that’s the case, oh my goodness…What a Burger! Sensational! You’re probably not going to believe me but this is why I love the keto diet, the focus is on the protein itself not the extra stuff that comes with it. It forces you to experience food differently than most people because it’s purely off of the taste of the protein especially if it’s done extremely well.

Do I Recommend? Yes I do.

(Every experience will never be the exact same for somebody else. Taste buds are subjective as are experiences and this is my story.)

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