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President Joe Biden has reclassified and postponed JFK documents that were supposed to be released July 3rd citing national security reasons.

Whats the big JFK secret Joe Biden?

Is there a cover up? Who truly assassinated Kennedy? What are they hiding? Who are they protecting? If the Warren commission said there were no foreign entities involved, why would you cite national security reasons?

Under the JFK records act, the federal government was supposed to release all documents concerning said assassination in 2017.

Donald Trump postponed the revelation of said documents several years ago at the behest of the FBI, CIA and other alphabet agencies in order to protect what appears to be state secrets breaking a campaign promise.

Trump released some records but delayed full disclosure until 2021, leaving the decision to Biden who has also released documents but not all of them.

70% of Americans believe that the federal government should disclose all JFK assassination documents to the public.

Robert Kennedy Jr seems to be catching momentum as he aims to be the Democratic party nominee.

Kennedy has been strong in his stance and is truly convinced that the CIA had something to do with the assassination of his uncle. I agree completely!

There are around 4,000 documents left to be seen by the public.

Donald Trump along with Kennedy, separately, have both stated they would expose the truth regarding the Kennedy assassination and have shown interest in getting rid of the central intelligence agency altogether.

Joe Biden Postpones JFK Secret Documents indefinitely Drawing RFK JR criticisms 2 JFK
LAS VEGAS – APR 21: Bobby Kennedy Jr., Robert Kennedy Jr. at the Keep It Clean Comedy Benefit For Waterkeeper at the Avalon Hollywood on April 21, 2016 in Los Angeles, CA

It was my father’s first instinct that the agency had killed his brother.

Robert Kennedy on Hannity

Kennedy has also inferred the theory that the CIA may have been involved in the killing on his own father, Robert F. Kennedy. Kennedy was allegedly killed by Sirhan Sirhan in Los Angeles while campaigning for president in 1968 in the ambassador hotel.

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