Pete Buttigieg the 38-year-old former South Bend, Indiana mayor ended his presidential bid for the White House today. Every candidate on the democratic side has sent a tweet out regarding his campaign ending including President Trump.

This is bad news for conservatives as he’ll probably run until 2060 but good news for Biden and Sanders as his delegates will go to them.

I’m sure the media is thrilled and will now report on Warren and Klobuchar having problems with the black vote on a daily basis as Buttigieg had his own problems surrounding race. Pete’s problems with race were a double negative for the media as he is gay and punished black people while he was mayor, and it’s not favorable to look at candidates particularly the democratic ones.

There’s been no word on who Buttigieg will endorse, however, he has called Joe Biden, but they haven’t been able to speak.

Mayor Pete endorsing Biden would be hilarious since his entire campaign was on turning the page would be blown up by endorsing a 77-year-old former VP career politician. Pete will inevitably have to endorse someone and his options are Bloomberg, Warren, Biden, Klobuchar, and Sanders. Trump will be the best choice if you ask me.

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