Actor Tim Matheson has apparently filed a police report after getting death and extortion threats for mocking former first lady Melania Trump.

The “Animal House” star posted a since-deleted tweet on Jan. 22, in which he praised the arrival of Jill Biden in the White House, TMZ said. He wrote that it was wonderful to have a “first lady with class and heart” and who “can speak English.”

Typical hollywood liberal hypocrisy where no outrage has been seen with the exception of Twitter, where one user went as far to say he would kick Matheson’s ass, to “pay me big bucks or I will kill you.” The celebrity contacted the LAPD and filed an extortion report due to the money demands. The cops are already investigating the matter. I doubt theres zero chance his show “Virgin River” on Netflix will cancel him for his comments though, right?

He also commented below Melania’s farewell message on Twitter giving his supposed appreciation for her as First Lady while taking responsibility for his insensitive comments.

In his reply to her farewell message, he seems to come off sincere, but this being a hollywood liberal I could see the save face approach by Matheson initiating the classic “flip” by bashing himself for being “wrong, cruel and intolerant,” in an attempt to come off as a victim to garner sympathy for himself while truly not being apologetic.

He received a lot of heat, especially from people who’s parents weren’t born here to others calling him a “bigot” to another calling him a “big pussy.” But overall people seemed to really take his criticism of the first lady’s accent very personal.

There were some people who did appreciate what they perceived as a genuine gracious apology with one user “commending” Matheson to another user who’s a trump supporter echoing that sentiment.

Melania Trump vs Bette Midler

This is wrong, but this is not as egregious or as evil as when it came from Bette Midler when she slammed Melania Trump over her accent numerous times, and who definitely did not apologize with sincerity whatsoever.

But I will say the same people who are not liking what Midler or Matheson have said are the same people who have no problem calling Michelle Obama a man. Is there a difference?

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