During the interview with Axios that aired last night in HBO President Trump suggested that Jeffrey Epstein may have been killed.


The interview was conducted by Jonathan Swan who brought Ghislaine Maxwell and President Trump’s bizarre “well wishes” from a few weeks ago, he stood his ground and threw in a mother of a wrench into the whole ordeal regarding Jeffrey Epstein.

President Trump Suggests Jeffrey Epstein May Have Been Killed 2 president trump
President Trump

Trump says her “boyfriend” Epstein was “either killed or committed suicide” while in jail, and that he wished her good luck, again, further saying to let prosecutors prove she’s guilty. The reporter follows up by asking if he thinks she could also die while in custody, and President Trump seems to confirm that’s where his head’s at. He says he’s not wishing anything bad upon her.

Several medical examiners retained by the family concluded three fractures in Epstein’s neck were more consistent with strangulation than with hanging leading to the murder theory.

President Trump on John Lewis

Trump did not take the opportunity to honor the legacy of the late congressman John Lewis in the interview, saying only that Lewis made a “big mistake” by not coming to his inauguration.

However, the left is labeling this as he completely shunned and disregarded the life of the congressman, but people need to understand if you don’t like somebody, you just don’t like somebody. Why be fake because he died? That’s phony.

Regardless, I’m pretty certain President Trump has a notebook, or a shit list, filled with every perceived snub he’s ever experienced. He’s that kind of person and I don’t blame him.

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