President Trump suggested an interesting alternative to the Republican National Convention this morning, he said he is considering delivering his Republican National Convention speech from the White House.

The announcement comes after he scrapped his plans to deliver the speech in Charlotte, North Carolina.

“Well we are thinking about it. It would be easiest from the standpoint of security,” he said during an interview with “Fox and Friends.”

“We are thinking about doing it from the White House because there’s no movement. It’s easy, and I think it’s a beautiful setting and we are thinking about that. It’s certainly one of the alternatives. It’s the easiest alternative, I think it’s a beautiful alternative.”

Congress members Matt Gaetz and Jim Jordan will also be making speeches, Trump said, “I will probably do mine live from the White House,” adding “If for some reason somebody had difficulty with it, I could go someplace else.”

President Trump, to Deliver Convention Speech from White House? 2 White House
President Trump, to Deliver Convention Speech from White House? 3

Criticism For White House Convention!

Trump giving his convention speech on the South Lawn is the clearest conceivable violation of the Hatch Act, according to critics. 100s of White House staffers would also be violating it, not to mention charges of criminal appropriation of Congressional funds for political purposes.

He has a hotel literally blocks away. Why can’t he give the speech from there?

The President should be able to legally give his convention speech from one of his own properties, which would make sense and it’s self-advertisement that he loves, as long as it’s not a conflict of interest.

I know he does fundraisers there, so presumably, it’s not in violation of his lease once you start to actually lay it all out.

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