The feud between former White House Communications Director Anthony Scaramucci and President Trump continues as Scaramucci calls Trump’s “well wishes” to Ghislaine Maxwell was code for her not to expose his secrets, according to The Independent.

Anthony Scaramucci was Trump’s Communications Director for 10 days in 2017. In a tweet on Wednesday, Scaramucci wrote: “She has the goods on him. He is signaling ‘please don’t talk.’”

Now, this isn’t out of the ordinary for Anthony Scaramucci to take shots at the President as he appears to be on a mission to destroy the President. Scaramucci has called his supporters a cult, equating the current coronavirus pandemic to his Vietnam saying it’s “over” for him, while recently endorsing Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden and calling Biden more Republican than President Trump.

Do you agree with Anthony Scaramucci or are the President’s comments taken out of context?

“I haven’t really been following it too much,” Trump told journalists during the July 21st press briefing regarding Maxwell. “I just wish her well, frankly. I’ve met her numerous times over the years, especially since I lived in Palm Beach, and I guess they lived in Palm Beach. But I wish her well.”

It is odd as this really was the first instance where the President clearly admitted he had a relationship of some sort with Ghislaine Maxwell. Prior to this when President had been prompted about either Epstein or Maxwell he downplayed them completely.

The former child procurer as of now currently faces charges of child sex trafficking, enticement of minors, and perjury, and was denied bail by a judge at a federal court in Manhattan last week.

Maxwell has pleaded not guilty to all federal charges and her trial is now scheduled to begin in July 2021, and she faces a prison sentence of 35 years if convicted.

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