Zuckerberg currently has a net worth of nearly $70 billion, according to the Bloomberg Billionaires Index. He has previously pledged to give away 99% of his Facebook shares. Zuckerberg is currently the fifth richest person in the world.

“I think if you do something that’s good, you get rewarded, but I do think some of the wealth that can be accumulated is unreasonable,” he said at the event. Yet he has the nerve to say something like this but doesn’t have a problem selling and manipulating our information for financial gain.

Zuckerberg Agrees with Bernie Sanders 'Billionaires Don't Deserve to have that Much Money' 2 Zuckerberg

The corrupt Facebook boss said he “understands” where Bernie Sanders is coming from when the Democratic presidential candidate says billionaires shouldn’t exist. You take advantage of good people but hang around the worst kind.

“I don’t know if I have an exact threshold on what amount of money someone should have, but on some level, no one deserves to have that much money,” the Facebook CEO said during a town hall event at the company’s headquarters Thursday in response to an employee question about Sanders’ comments.

Zuckerberg Agrees with Bernie Sanders 'Billionaires Don't Deserve to have that Much Money' 3 Zuckerberg

You should be put out of business or sell your company for the constitutional violations you have committed. We have no right to privacy, free speech as much, expression or the ability to protest the government without being placed on lists because you have contracts with the CIA.

You hate this president, we know this, you constantly are clumsy because you don’t care. Zuckerberg inferred he was more afraid of Elizabeth Warren becoming president because of what she’s promising on doing to big tech companies like Facebook, Google, and Amazon. Interesting the big three all have contracts with the CIA. Warren promises to break up these companies.

Zuckerberg Agrees with Bernie Sanders 'Billionaires Don't Deserve to have that Much Money' 4 Zuckerberg

Zuckerberg was asked how he could stay impartial on the presidential candidate after saying she would “suck” for his business. He said they don’t want to “antagonize” her any more than she is. He continued, “I would rather have someone get elected, even if I disagree with them on everything, which I don’t even think is the case here, than not give them the ability to say what they think.”

Yet this hypocrites practices censorship nonstop specifically because of political differences. He is trash plain and simple.

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