The Chiefs have had some up and down moments on defense to start the season. The Chiefs run defense is still a major problem, this is especially important as stopping the run means more possessions for Patrick Mahomes.

The pass defense, while not great or even good, has been a bit better than expected. Bashaud Breeland has played really well at Corner, while Charvarius Ward and Kendall Fuller have some inconsistent play. Mo Claiborne’s return will help this problem, he isn’t an All-Pro by any means, but he is a solid NFL Cornerback.

The run defense not being any better is not a good sign for the Chiefs. It’s very hard for teams to match the Chiefs score for score, which means teams have to run the ball to shorten the amount possessions in the game. Having a bad pass defense is bad, but the Chiefs can win just about every game because Patrick Mahomes and the offense are so explosive. A bad run defense keeps Mahomes off the field, which has led to slow starts on offense.

The Chiefs will be faced with a decision at the trade deadline, trade for Cornerback help or trade for help at Linebacker or Defensive Line. The odds are the Chiefs will trade for CB with the hope that run defense will get better with time. There is some validity to this point as the Chiefs only have two returning starters on the Defensive Line and only one at Linebacker.

In my opinion, trading for CB is the best option, but if a CB doesn’t become available, there should be serious consideration in trading for someone on the DL or a another LB.

These next 3 weeks are important as the Chiefs will use this time to identify their biggest need and make a trade to fill said need.

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