In a White House letter to John Bolton’s lawyer, the administration claims his book has top-secret level information that but the national security of the country at risk. Bolton and his lawyer maintained they didn’t believe the draft contained any classified info.

White House Stops John Bolton's Book from being Published because of 'Top Secret' Material 2 John Bolton
White House Stops John Bolton's Book from being Published because of 'Top Secret' Material 3

“Under federal law and the nondisclosure agreements your client signed, as a condition for gaining access to classified information, the manuscript may not be published or otherwise disclosed without the deletion of this classified information,” Bolton’s book is set to release March 17th of this year.

The National Security Council said it has no problems with working with Bolton on revisions of the book. The book was submitted to Council a month ago for a basic standard review. There has been zero evidence that President Trump’s team reviewed Bolton’s manuscript, Bolton’s attorney Chuck Cooper doesn’t believe any that there is any classified information in the book.

A Harvard law professor Jack Goldsmith said he doesnt describe the NSC letter as “a threat.” He tweeted that “it says manuscript contains ‘significant amount’ of classified info, correctly says Bolton cannot publish classified info and pledges to work w/ him to identify it.”

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