Danny Masterson, one of the stars of the hit show, ‘That 70’s Show‘, was charged last summer with raping three women on three separate incidents at his home between 2001 and 2003.

Yesterday, Masterson’s former friend, who identifies by the name, Jen B., who is one of the three rape accusers that is testifying in a Los Angeles Superior Court at a preliminary hearing to determine whether there is sufficient evidence to order Masterson to stand trial on three counts of rape.

Once Jen B. took the stand she revealed that she was served a cocktail by Masterson and not long after she felt “blurry” to the point where she had lost control very fast. Not long after, she claimed that Masterson carried her upstairs and threw her in a shower and wiped her breasts off after he shoved his fingers down her throat and made her vomit.

“I couldn’t walk or stand, so he put me on the tile on the ground,” the woman said through tears, per the outlet. “I couldn’t open my eyelids. I felt really, really sick.”

She continued saying that she attempted to fight Masterson off numerous times but did not prevail to the point where she was thrown on the bed and tried to rip his hair out but Masterson pulled a gun out of his nightstand and threatened her, where he then followed through with the rape placing a pillow over her face.

Danny Masterson Super Defense & Religious Affiliation

Apparently all of these accusers went to the Church of Scientology to report the incidents but were dissuaded to go any further to take legal action against the TV star.

Jen B. said that the leadership of the Church of Scientology, of which her parents and all her friends were members, strongly discouraged her from going to the police, pointing out that by policy she would be declared a “suppressive person” if she made a report against a member in good standing like Masterson.

“I would lose my family and everyone I knew,” she said, though in June 2004 she decided to go to the police anyway.

In Tuesday’s testimony, Jen B. acknowledged prosecutors told her in 2004 that her case had been rejected in part because there were too many witnesses against her. She returns to the stand Wednesday for the hearing that is expected to last four days.

Was the Church of Scientology Hiding the Rapes of 'That 70's Show' Star Danny Masterson? 1 Danny Masterson
Defense attorney Thomas Mesereau arrives for day 2 of actor Bill Cosby’s sexual assault re-trial at the Montgomery County Courthouse in Norristown, PA, April 10, 2018. Photo by Michael Candelori.

Danny Masterson is defended by a heavy hitting attorney, Thomas Mesereau, who defended Michael Jackson in the 2005 trial that saw him acquitted of child molestation and defended Bill Cosby twice, the second of which brought his conviction for sexual assault in 2018.

Mesereau said she had “mischaracterized” the Scientology response. Mesereau has also alleged “religious bias in the most blatant form” against the prosecution and the lead detective.

During cross-examination, Mesereau challenged her over why the gun made no appearance in a police report she filed the following year. “Do you think that the police just forgot to put it in?” Mesereau said. Judge Charlaine F. Olmedo forbade the question after a prosecution objection.

According to reports, the church attempted to manipulate her to bury what she was accusing Masterson of by charging her $15,000 counseling (known as “auditing” in Scientology) asking her to examine her past lives to find what evil things she had done in earlier centuries that would cause her to be a victim in this lifetime.

Numerous women, including the three in this trial, have filed a civil suit against Masterson and the Church of Scientology. Their suit alleges when they were sexually assaulted by Masterson they sought help by the Church of Scientology but were bullied into keeping quiet.

Masterson has denied the charges, and his lawyer Thomas Mesereau said at a previous hearing that he “is absolutely not guilty and we’re going to prove it.”If convicted Masterson faces up to 40 plus years in prison.

Moreover, Danny Masterson unbelievably filed papers last month accusing actress Leah Remini of interfering with the case, according to TMZ, which obtained the documents. Masterson claims Remini, who has indeed been an outspoken former Scientologist, influenced the prosecution and guided the victims’ statements. The court has not yet responded to Masterson’s papers.

This is a joke right? So you’re blaming Remini? What!

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