Gavin MacLeod, died early this morning. His nephew, Mark See, told Variety. MacLeod’s health had been poor recently but no cause of death was given, the trade publication reported.

MacLeod is most known for his two most famous roles co-starring in the ‘Mary Tyler Moore’ Show as Murray Slaughter for seven seasons and Captain Merrill Stubing on the ‘Love Boat’ that ran for eleven seasons.

'Love Boat' Captain Gavin MacLeod Dead at 90 - Eulogized by Ed Asner On Twitter 1 gavin macleod
LOS ANGELES – DEC 30: Gavin MacLeod and The Original “Love Boat” Cast decorates Princess Cruises’ Rose Parade Float at a Rosemont Pavilion on December 30, 2014 in Pasadena, CA. Photo by Katherine Hutchins.

As Murray Slaughter, Gavin MacLeod garnered two Golden Globe nominations for his work on the 1970-77 series.

MacLeod’s career spanned seven decades in Hollywood, with roles in Hawaii Five-O, Hogan’s Heroes, Perry Mason, McHale’s Navy, The Andy Griffith Show, My Favorite Martian, The Man From U.N.C.L.E., Charlie’s Angels, Murder She Wrote, Oz, JAG, That ’70s Show, Touched by an Angel, The Untouchables, It Takes a Thief and many more dating back to the late fifties.

His co-star Ed Asner eulogized MacLeod earlier today on Twitter, as you will see below, in what is going to be a very sad time for fans across the globe when the time actually comes with the passing of these two remaining actors from the ‘Mary Tyler Moore’, Ed Asner and Betty White.

We’ve lost a lot of legends this year who have entertained us, made us cry, made us laugh, made us feel some type of way to fulfill whatever need they have, while conveying whatever emotion we relate at that moment.

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