The former Trump Plaza Hotel and Casino in Atlantic City will be blown to bits Wednesday morning, the implosion is scheduled for 9 a.m Wednesday.

A public viewing area for the implosion will be set up at the Atlantic City Municipal Airport where they will be selling parking spots for $10 for people to watch, pretty disgusting if you ask me.

This invitation comes from a blue state that has told people to stay inside but don’t mind them coming out. Yet, they don’t mind them risking their health to watch a demolition because it’s a figurative ‘dog whistle’ for their Democrat rhetoric.

The Trump era in Atlantic City will End with 3,000 Sticks of Dynamite. The implosion of Trump Plaza Hotel and Casino would be the last mark of the former president’s once-dominant brand in Atlantic City, NJ.

I hear people saying this is just “mirroring” the presidency of Donald Trump, how it so called “imploded” according to the haters. If that’s the case, there may be some degree of truth to that. Yes he did make mistakes, but the other part is he was setup to “implode” from the previous administrations actions that prevented him to become successful, even before he won the presidency.

Let’s not forget they illegally used their authority to see his destruction by spying on him and his campaign while he was just candidate Trump, but they lied and didn’t face any consequences for it. Can we forget the ultimate tool to destroy, the media attacked him with their constant propaganda and fake news provided to them from their deep state agencies.

They’re still mad that they tried to impeach a guy who’s not even in office? What!

They’re still mad at Trump and Americans who supported him because we beat them at their own game. I hope I was able to make that decently clear.

But what do you do when something is destroyed? You rebuild it and make it better than before, I look forward to his campaign for president in the next few years, god willing, and him winning the presidency in 2024. This isn’t over yet.

Trump Plaza Hotel and Casino History

Trump Plaza opened in 1984, and was the site of numerous high-profile boxing matches that Trump, then a real estate developer, attended while even hosting several WrestleManias back to back. Ibelwive he also broke records for hosting the most Mike Tyson bouts ever as well.

It was built as the first Trump stampnomnthe city for $214 million. It shut down in 2014 and has fallen into disrepair, calling for it’s fateful end.

The Trump Marina was built almost one year later and his largest gaming hall, the Trump Taj Mahal, in 1990. A fourth attraction, Trump World’s Fair, operated from 1996 to 1999, but is now demolished too.

The Trump Marina, which was sold in 2011, is now the Golden Nugget. The Taj Mahal changed hands after a bankruptcy in 2004 and closed in 2016; it reopened two years later without its brightly colored domes and minarets as the Hard Rock Hotel & Casino.

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