I’ve had enough excuses from these Orwellian entities who supposedly help American citizens. The C.I.A. claims to defend us, but have unequivocally made many parts of society feel dystopias. Facebook & Twitter provide us euphoric “entertainment” that’s increasingly destructive to our health physically and mentally.
It’s quite angering. But haven’t they done more harm than good? Why hasn’t the U.S. government regulated Facebook and Twitter? Political meddling is at an all-time high and at the forefront of today’s news. To be honest, this stuff has gone on for a very long time.

Social Platforms

Regulations on Facebook and Twitter just may happen legislatively with the Honest Ads Act that aims for increased transparency to see who pays for political ads, but that just targets a small part of the problem. The Honest Ads Act doesn’t pertain to data and privacy rights.

The European Union has recently changed the game in giving power back to the consumer with the new General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) where “companies must be clear and concise about their collection and use of personal data like full name, home address, location data, IP address, or the identifier that tracks web and app use on smartphones. Companies have to spell out why the data is being collected and whether it will be used to create profiles of people’s actions and habits.

Moreover, consumers will gain the right to access data companies store about them, the right to correct inaccurate information, and the right to limit the use of decisions made by algorithms, among others.

Facebook and Twitter platforms have allowed millions of people from other countries to now have a direct impact on U.S. elections. At no other time has this much outside influence been directed at Americans. They have become a larger threat to American freedoms than any foreign entity. They are a risk to our national security and have obstructed the USERS Constitutional rights.

But the hypocrisy is ludicrous especially when the United States government has legitimately meddled in foreign elections overtly & covertly to influence elections across the world. According to a scholar from Carnegie Mellon, Dov Levin, the United States has meddled in 81 elections, while Russia has 36 on its record. These numbers are only from 1946 to 2000, so I can just imagine what it is now. Could the number be 60 in 18 years?

Don’t forget we did have Bush & Obama.
What if the social media platforms decide to change their algorithms under the “umbrella” of optimization, favoring a certain political group right before a midterm election? Meddling! That would be a light term. Data Predators like Google, Facebook, Microsoft, etc. have OVERVALUED their Service and Under Valued their Customer & Base.

Hell, I even include Google, because they manipulate search results to favor content with a progressive bias. When you consider the whole progressive media package, the impact on our elections must be seen as clearly tilting the playing field away from our rights and our Constitution.

We Are The Product!

We’ve recently learned that FB’s AI listens to our private conversations, companies and private citizens have tested it & found it 100% true. Well, sure enough, they opened FB & wham! Then soon after mentioning specific topics, they found ads on their timeline about recent privately discussed issues they just had in their own homes, workplaces, etc. They are the modern day Santa Clause,

He sees you when you’re sleeping
He knows when you’re awake
He knows if you’ve been bad or good
So be good for goodness sake!

How could we forget Cambridge Analytica? They baited users, and let our privacy rights be violated more than what Facebook was already allowed, more than we even did initially. All of this in the name to be “entertained.” Yet we only know of few risks, there are many more to come.

Just recently The Guardian reported that Facebook filed for a patent to monitor our television habits through cell phones, tablets, and other devices through microphone enabling inaudible signals. Here is an abstract of the patent;

An online system analyzes broadcast content viewed by individuals in a household. Each individual in the household is associated with a client device on which a software application module is executed. When the software application module detects one or more broadcasting signals of a content item broadcasted to the household, the software application module records the ambient audio, including audio from the broadcasting device. The software application module sends an identifier of the individual associated with the client device, an ambient audio fingerprint derived from the recorded ambient audio, and time information for the recorded ambient audio to the online system. The online system, based on the ambient audio data, identifies the corresponding individual and content item and logs an impression for the content item upon a determination that there was an impression of the identified content item by the identified individual.

Yet Facebook emphatically claims they would never use it. I call Bull S***!

Twitter yesterday began purging along with its brothers Facebook, Google, Apple, and Spotify social media account as a result of the InfoWars lawsuit. But it’s not only that, they increased this purging because Candace Owen called out Twitter for its algorithmic hypocrisy. Infowarss found it’s various social media accounts suspended. It also removed many libertarian accounts, suspended alternative media accounts and suspended the account of Daniel McAdams who is the Director of the Ron Paul Institute.

As much as I don’t like InfoWars this is a war on the 1st Amendment plain and simple. If they lose this lawsuit this will be cataclysmic.

They are watching…?

Snowden, Assange & WikiLeaks warned us. If you look at your Windows Explorer you can see for yourself. Xbox, Google Apps, Trusted Installer, RPC, Syncs, Wifi, Bluetooth, Windows Defender, Network, etc. Most apps are used as backdoors. They have 100s on computers. We can’t forget contributors and enablers like IBM, HP & Cisco, just to name the big guys. Since these practices break and violate so many laws, the illegality of them, wouldn’t you think the government would do something about it? Right?

It’s not just the operating systems, the newer motherboards allow for in-depth surveillance. From keeping up with technology updates, and the announcements will keep you informed on top of that. Also, independently they add system software, entertainment apps, updates, networks, etc., just to snoop.

These are major problems that have surfaced, but at what cost to regular people? What’s next? Who will get hurt next?

There is blame that should be given directly to the C.I.A. So much of what is going on today politically, specifically with government interferences and infringement of rights, is because of the C.I.A. This what they call blowback. Now we have to reap what they have sown across the world.

For decades politicians have warned about the C.I.A. like Kennedy, Eisenhower, Ron Paul and countless others about their destructive meddling and overreach in power. This is importantly evident when you have John Brennan former C.I.A. Chief lying to the American people in front of Congress under oath about spying on the Senate.

Hell who can forget James Clapper former United States Director of National Intelligence lying to American citizens about spying on us and using drones on American soil to target private citizens. That was directly in front of Congress under oath.

The Fix Is In!

Donald Trump is correct in his opinion in calling the agency a “rogue organization.” Senator Chuck Schumer called President Trump dumb for trying to attack the intelligence agencies because of their cowboyish ways. Here is a list of government interventionism on the C.I.A.’s behalf:
Afghanistan 1980s *
Somalia 1993
Yugoslavia 1999-2000 *
Ecuador 2000 *
Afghanistan 2001 *
Venezuela 2002 *
Iraq 2003 *
Haiti 2004 *
Somalia 2007 to present
Honduras 2009
Libya 2011 *
Syria 2012
Ukraine 2014 *

The asterisks* indicate a case where the CIA overthrew a government. Source: Ron Paul Institue For Peace and Prosperity.
Source: Ron Paul Institue For Peace and Prosperity.

All the information these guys have will be used at their own will to harm someone. Furthermore, having this information allows for horrible outcomes that can increase to become the norm. Manipulation with information is how the C.I.A. works, and the social media platforms provide it at their disposal.

Dear Congress, grow some balls, and ‘Tear Down’ These Unconstitutional THUGS. Time is running out. The United States government is not the victim, the people of this country are.
This Is War We Need To Protect ??

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