I predict there will be three teams coming out of the AFC West to make the playoffs this year, the Chiefs and the Chargers. I haven’t decided who could be the third one, it’s honestly a toss-up because, on one hand, you have the Oakland Raiders with John Gruden at the helm where he’s been situated a full year vs Denver who has a former Super Bowl quarterback and hasn’t really done anything since.

Can this be the year that Flacco proves his worth and steps up to deliver? I think so! There are several reasons I see that being a possibility. Flacco has more to prove to himself and the franchise, its a different system, new environment, he’s getting older so his time is limited as a starter, and most importantly he’s got another young QB in Drew Lock who he said he would not help mentor on his heels.

Remember he lost his job to another young QB in Baltimore to Lamar Jackson who was hungry and proved he was ready to be on that stage pushing Flacco out to pasture. Is asking Flacco for too much?

I could see this being bad at the same time he came into Denver being negative to Drew Lock, that’s bad karma already and no signs of a good teammate.

However, Denver still has a good defense albeit aging but still good and a decent receiving core. I think if everything goes well they can make a run for the playoffs but battling the Raiders for that last wild card spot is going to be tough. At best I could see them going 10-6 but also falling to a 7-9 record as well.

So even though I said “I think so” is possible for the Broncos to do this, everything has to go right, but the likelihood of that happening is not in their favor. Their schedule is brutal.

True or False Joe Flacco will Lead the Broncos to the Playoffs ? 1 Joe Flacco

I also see this year being the year that the Broncos fire John Elway as well. Asking Flacco to do this task is a lot and I don’t see him lasting the entire season, look for Drew Lock to start midway through this upcoming season.

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