President Trump’s latest financial disclosure report had been expected to provide a rare glimpse into whether his presidency has either helped or hurt his hotels, golf resorts and other parts of his business empire. President Donald Trump made at least $479 million in 2018, according to his annual financial disclosure released Thursday by the White House.

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President Trump’s DC hotel made over $40 million in 2018, not bad for a city that’s nearly all Democrat and a city full of people who wanted him destroyed and still do. Trump International Hotel in D.C. brought in $40 million in 2018 (it made $16 million between Jan. ’16 and April ’17). Trump National Doral brought in just over $75 million in 2018.

The Left Just Acknowledged Trump is Making 100's of Millions Still 1 Millions

Trump is still getting money from the Little Rascals too, I love it. BREAKING NEWS!!!!! He’s rich.

Among assets on his 2019 Financial Disclosure report, President Trump lists “investment in gold” valued between $100K and $250K. Also lists five savings, checking and investment accounts valued as much as $50-million each.

The Left Just Acknowledged Trump is Making 100's of Millions Still 2 Millions

Trump reported $22.7M in resort-related revenue from Mar-a-Lago. But we don’t know how much of this money has come from the fed government (aka taxpayers) or foreign governments.

Last week people were complaining that he lost money years ago. If you remember the New York Times reported, Trump claimed $1.17 billion in business losses over a decade and avoided paying taxes for eight of those years. This week they’re complaining that he made money. President Trump can’t do anything right.

The Left Just Acknowledged Trump is Making 100's of Millions Still 3 Millions

The man’s a billionaire! Of course, his businesses make Money$$$. It should be noted he divested himself from much of his business, his net worth dropped a billion or so as a result, he works for free pretty much. You sure can’t say the same about most politicians who use the government to become rich. He is the only President in history whose net worth has actually dropped. Pay attention people.

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