The House passed HR 6 by a vote of 237 to 187 which protects DREAMers & TPS & DED recipients & provides them with a pathway to citizenship. 7 Rpublivans voted w all Democrats to pass the bill. There were loud applause & chants of “USA, USA, USA” & “yes we can” heard in the gallery.

The bill would grant conditional permanent residence to all “Dreamers” for a period of 10 years. During that time, they must either graduate from college, serve two years in the military or work nearly full time. They must pass a background check to ensure they have not committed any serious crimes. If they complete all that, they can then apply for legal permanent residence (green card), and then five years later apply to become a U.S. citizen.

The House Passes Bill that would allow DREAMERS a path to Citizenship 2 Dreamers

For TPS and DED recipients, many who have already lived in the country for two decades, the bill would immediately allow them to apply for legal permanent residence.

In late 2018 you light remember Judge Edward Chen granted a preliminary injunction blocking the Trump administration’s termination of temporary protected status for immigrants from El Salvador, Haiti, Nicaragua, and Sudan.

With a Republican majority Senate, I don’t see this bill going anywhere. Unless Nancy Pelosi and the Democrats agree to fund billions of dollars to the President’s border wall which would be a miracle for bipartisan compromising is out the window. Realistically this is clearly breathing air into a subject that won’t go anywhere because the Democrats know unless they fund that wall nothing is happening and their merely giving false hope 2.5 million illegal U.S. citizens.

The House Passes Bill that would allow DREAMERS a path to Citizenship 3 Dreamers
The House Passes Bill that would allow DREAMERS a path to Citizenship 4

How does this help the people who went through the right process to become American citizens? Many of those people are still waiting. I’ve spoken to many of them and they’ve told e they have lost respect for those people because it’s a slap in the face to them and the process. The other argument was that it just encourages more people who shouldn’t be here to come here illegally. What sense that make? There’s all of the sudden legit legislation for encouraging illegal activity.

Here at the names of the 7 Republicans:

Smith (NJ)

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