The presiding judge Vanessa Baraitser, in the Julian Assange extradition case, heard secret testimony from two Spanish witnesses, relating to an alleged plot to kidnap or poison the WikiLeaks founder while he was seeking shelter at the Ecuadorian embassy.

The Witnesses for Julian Assange

The two men apparently feared for their lives from the owner of Undercover Global, David Morales, who supposedly was selling information to the CIA about Assange and all his guests, according to the Newspaper, la Repubblica.

Testimony Revealed United States Wanted to Poison or Kidnap Julian Assange 2 julian assange
Julian Assange Advocate

Meanwhile, the judge who granted the two men anonymity might have well just revealed the names of the men revealing critical information about them openly in court for Morales to hear as he would know who they are because of prior testimony. Baraister issued a statement pointing out that “witness one” held a 50 percent stake in the firm and sold it to Morales in 2019, while the second witness was a member of IT staff.

“How is it possible that Mr. Morales does not know who he is?” Baraitser asked the counsel representing Assange.

If harm comes to them, it will be frankly obvious from whom it has come. The publication, by contrast, of their names removes that form of protection and we understand that this is something that is well known to the Spanish court,” Summers said, Baraister agreed.

Both witnesses both confirmed that Morales would boast about doing business with the United States government bragging about “playing in the big leagues” and moving to the “dark side”.

It seems Morales may have been willing to do whatever it took to please his new employer as he heavily pushed one of the witnesses to install new cameras and include audio with a live stream feature for the American intelligence agency, but they refused.

This is a simple case of having a hard-on for someone (Assange) who played their game (Deel State)and won exposing their dirty despicable crimes, and the United States government can’t take it, which is why they have a massive hard-on for Assange. The following information will show you the lengths the American intelligence was willing to go for one man.

Testimony Revealed United States Wanted to Poison or Kidnap Julian Assange 3 julian assange
Free Julian Assange

“There was a suggestion that the door of the embassy would be left open allowing people to enter from the outside and kidnap or poison Assange,” the court was told. The witness alleged Morales said these suggestions were under consideration with his contacts in the US, according to, The Guardian.

The witness also told of being asked to place stickers on the window of embassy rooms used by Assange. They said Morales had claimed this would assist “American friends” pointing laser microphones at the windows but who had been thwarted because Assange was deploying “white noise” countermeasures.

“You have to start with the truth. The truth is the only way that we can get anywhere. Because any decision-making that is based upon lies or ignorance can’t lead to a good conclusion”

Julian Assange

People like Julian Assange, Edward Snowden, and Chelsea Manning are heroes and deserve the respect from every person for doing something that’s consciously sound in the name of freedom and truth. Cases like these should never reach the courts, what they did were not crimes, but acts of true human decency.

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Free Chelsea Manning

There are plenty of unjust criticisms about these three people I mentioned above and that’s because the United States has the most effective propaganda machine in the world. The media is the brainwashing the machine they soon to tell a narrative, not the absolute truth, they work hand in hand with the sheeps false “leaders” buying their bull sh*t “hope”! Wake Up America!

Assange Extradition Outcome?

As this part of the sagas come to an end and hopefully, favors Assange, the final evidence will be given for the remainder of this week but could end a day earlier this Thursday.

Assange’s team is arguing this his prosecution, relating to the publication of more than half a million military and diplomatic cables on the WikiLeaks website a decade ago, is political.

They say that under former US president Barack Obama, the Department of Justice never pursued the 49-year-old. Assange is facing 18 charges that carry a maximum of 175 years in jail. Judge Baraister will not make a decision until after the United States presidential election.

Testimony Revealed United States Wanted to Poison or Kidnap Julian Assange 5 julian assange
Julian Assange

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