‘Smallville’ actress Allison Mack has pleaded guilty in a New York court to racketeering charges. Prosecutors say she helped recruit women to a secret sub-society within the cult-like group NXIVM.

She also ‘recruited’ underage girls. Also known as “children”, yet that part is rarely mentioned in MSM, along with all the politicians affiliated with this cult. Her indictment also had charges of child trafficking. The former Smallville actress had been charged with sex trafficking for her alleged involvement in the “self-help group” known as NXIVM, which is been accused of branding female followers and using blackmail to coerce them into sex.

Much like Allison, the leader of NXIVM Keith Raniere, the founder of the self-described self-help group, was also charged with sex trafficking, sex trafficking conspiracy, and forced labor conspiracy. He’s accused of branding female followers and coercing them into sex through blackmail. The infatuation Mack has with Keith is just extremely, extremely strange to say the least. It’s almost obsessive.

Allison had this yo say in court today:

Allison Mack: “I have come to the conclusion that I must take full responsibility for my conduct and that’s why I am pleading guilty today.” Well, gee it’s as if you didn’t know what you were doing was wrong in the first place. They should never have offered her a plea deal and she should be in prison right now along with everyone associated with the organization. The fact that this group was supposed to be a women’s empowerment sorority is mind-boggling and a joke, it was nothing close to it.

Ironically the same day she signed her plea deal the jury was selected in the case against Keith Raniere. Two more defendants are let one being the major funder behind the group in the heiress to Seagrams liquor Clare Bronfman, and the bookkeeper of NXIVM, Kathy Russel. No word yet on the details of Allison Mack’s jail time but she needs to go there quickly. Stay tuned for more to come.

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