Raul Castro to stepped down as the head of Cuba’s Communist party, marking the first time in 62 years that Cuba will not have a leader named Castro.

Raul said he was retiring with the sense of having “fulfilled his mission and confident in the future of the fatherland.”

“Nothing, nothing, nothing is forcing me to make this decision,” Castro said in his speech to the closed Congress, part of which was aired on state television. “As long as I live I will be ready with my foot in the stirrup to defend the homeland, the revolution and socialism with more force than ever.”

Now let’s see if the mainstream media twists what actually happened in Cuba over the past six decades with Fidel and Raul as a utopian type of society with free health care and whatnot or will they actually tell the truth and hope everyone forgot the past. I mean it is the deep state’s vision for it to happen right?

The Castro Brothers destroyed Cuba. Their influence also destroyed Nicaragua and Venezuela.

Castro didn’t say who he would endorse as his successor as first secretary of the Communist Party, but word is it’s Miguel Díaz-Canel, who succeeded him as president in 2018. To get the full story please click here.

Now whether the actual family dictatorship is ending is something entirely different to be examined. His son Alejandro is a Colonel in the Interior Ministry of Cuba & his former son-in-law General Lopez Calleja heads GAESA the most powerful business conglomerate in Cuba & his daughter, Mariela, heads CENESEX, and others.

Raul Castro Resigns as Head of the Communist Party of Cuba Ending the Families Reign 1 Cuba
HAVANA, CUBA – JANUARY 16, 2017: The propaganda poster “New propaganda, new victories” with faces of famous revolutionaries such as Fidel Castro, Cienfuegos, Che Guevara or Raul Castro. Havana, Cuba.

Steps To Improve Cuba!

First of all let’s all hope and pray that the United States does not continue their interventionism by trying to “help” Cuba in “create” or “establish” an elected government, we all know the war mongerers are salivating to interject some type of way with the news coming out today.

What should happen is there should be change between the United States and Cuba with free trade and zero sanctions especially considering that their economy depends heavily on tourism, they don’t have money to support their every day lives and their struggling for food as lines have been increasingly long since the pandemic began.

Will change happen or will nothing change? It’s too early to tell, except the name Castro. The only real way Cuba could change is by having a free election and let the people choose their new leaders but that has to come internally not externally, I’m talking to you American government.


I wish the best for the Cuban people as they have suffered long enough, for Cuba to succeed they must erase the Castro’s from their mind and do different but be maintain independence.

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