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Marianne Williamson Endorses Bernie Sanders

Marianne Williamson made a surprise appearance and even more surprising endorsement for Bernie Sanders tonight at his rally in Austin, Texas.

“Bernie Sanders has taken a stand, & Bernie Sanders has been taking a stand for a very long time. He has been consistent, he has been convicted, he has been committed, & now it’s time, I’m here & you’re here because it’s time for us to take a stand with Bernie.”

Fidel Castro was consistent, convicted, committed and had his time. Those aren’t good enough reasons to back someone.

“To those who say, it can’t happen,” says Marianne Williamson, a Houston native back in Texas for Bernie, “it already happened. He won Iowa… It already happened. He won New Hampshire… It already happened, and he won Nevada.”

I found it odd that Sanders and Williamson didn’t appear together on stage at the. Austin rally at which she endorsed him. The thing has plagued Sanders with his rhetoric about women hurts because may be he doesn’t want to share a stage with a woman that’s his own platform? Just a thought right?

Now I understand that just because someone endorses you doesn’t mean you share the same beliefs, but Marianne Williamson has implied that people who take antidepressants are weak people, the cure for HIV/AIDS is love and that fat people need Jesus. How he would let her up at his own really is mind-boggling.

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