Yesterday, the Senate acquitted President Donald Trump at the end of his impeachment trial with 52 Senators concluding the House’s allegations that he abused the power of his office did not necessitate his removal of office, and 53 reaching that conclusion on the charge that he obstructed Congress.

Trump was officially declared not guilty by Chief Justice John Roberts whom he spoke to for several seconds at his State of the Union last night. President Trump never mentioned his impeachment trial once during his address to the country.

This country has been divided completely down the line politically and the votes showed that party means more to them. The Democrats were willing to stoop to theatrics, something they criticize President Trump for. They planned this horrible theatre before he even took office officially because they were never able to accept the loss from Hillary Clinton.

If that becomes the new norm, future presidents, Democrats and Republicans, will be paralyzed the moment they are elected, …The bar for impeachment cannot be set this low.

Trump Lawyer Jay Sekulow

You may not always agree with President Trump not should you, but this threshold they were about to unleash would have destroyed America’s abilities to meet real standards of justice. He’s the most human President we’ve ever had!

Whether it’s because social media, the actual media, and their coverage or just the president sticking his foot in his mouth, he’s human just like you, flawed just like you, loves like you and hates like you. Some people don’t like looking at themselves in the mirror especially when it’s not the image they don’t want to see.

Trump Acquittal Aftermath

The country is more divided than ever especially because of forced narratives. Well, last night there were thousands of people across the country protesting President Trumps’ acquittal by the Senate. The people who hated Romney when he was the nominee are giving him praise now for voting against the president saying he had a “spine”.

There was around 270 official “Reject the Cover-Up” events last night that took place in around 45 states including Washington, D.C. orchestrated by anti-Trump and supposed bipartisan activists groups. Protesters could be heard screaming “Vote them out!” along with “Trump, Pence out now!”

Police even arrested 10 women who did a sit-in in the middle of the Capitol but were later released. They were charged with “crowding, obstructing or incommoding,” since it’s illegal to protest in any capitol building, yet Jane Fonda did the same but gets related slaps on the wrist.

I respect their rights to use their voice as Americans to practice their constitutional duty, but what is there to protest though? What crime was committed?

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