After three blocked attempts to pass the $19.1 billion disaster relief bill, the US House of Representatives approved it 354-58. The bill was signed today by President Trump.

Do you agree with the way President Trump handled the disaster relief aid in Puerto Rico?

With the President’s signature, a $19.1 billion disaster aid bill will give funding to several states hit by natural disasters. The legislation includes additional assistance for Puerto Rico, which Trump previously opposed without border wall funding. This disaster relief bill will provide disaster aid funding to states hit by hurricanes, flooding, earthquakes, and wildfires.

This will help out states especially like Georgia, Florida and the Carolinas, Iowa, and Nebraska. Democrats claim that the Republicans should’ve done this long ago but stalled it three times before. But they ignore the fact that they could’ve had this relief specifically to Puerto Rico if they would’ve voted for the funding towards the wall in the bill previously.

Never play optics with peoples lives, it does nothing but hurt instead of good.

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