President Donald Trump wants Major League Baseball to lift the lifetime ban on Pete Rose, he’s right! The greatest hitter in the history of baseball has paid his price and now is the time to do something about it. Pete Rose is currently 78 years old.

The Hit King has applied for reinstatement twice once in 1997 and once in 2015, both of his requests have been denied. It’s a complete injustice that he isn’t in the Hall the same way it is for players like Barry Bonds and Roger Clemons, albeit their controversy surrounds steroids which Rose never used. He was permanently banned from baseball and agreed to sign an indefinite suspension in 1989.

I think that the Astros cheating was completely worse than what Pete Rose did, and no players were punished for cheating and that’s a shame because they executed the acts of cheating. Moreover, the world series title should be vacated and stripped from the Houston Astros. Pete never bet on his team to lose, he never threw a game.

Any player, umpire, or club or league official or employee, who shall bet any sum whatsoever upon any baseball game in connection with which the bettor has a duty to perform shall be declared permanently ineligible.

MLB Baseball Rule On Gambling

It’s hypocritical that gambling was seen as the ultimate sin in baseball, while they turned a blind eye to PEDs. Rose’s gambling did less to harm the integrity of the game than the baseball strike did. It kills me you have so many pundits from the left criticizing President Trump’s tweet lobbying for Rose’s reinstatement yet I’m sure many of them don’t know anything about the game of baseball.

Attorneys for Rose say that his suspension is “disproportionate” when you have teams like the Houston Astros stealing signs to win a world series and not being punished, a point I made earlier.

Proportionality is the cornerstone of baseball, like it is in life. … This is a country of second chances, and I don’t think Pete Rose poses a threat to the integrity of the game.

Defense Civil Rights Attorney Mark Rosenbaum for Pete Rose

Let Him In! Do you want him to die then you’ll put him in out of spite? It’s just wrong.

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