Klobuchar campaign says she raised $2 million+ plus since Friday night’s Democratic debate. She had among the lowest cash on hand with the campaign possessing less than $5 million heading into January.

She’s an extremely tough candidate who I think outshines the deep state in Biden and the socialist in Bernie Sanders and the flip-flopping progressive Pete. I’m not sure what her message is but I think she’s stronger vocally then all three of those candidates combined.

I think not knowing what her message is hurting her campaign because Yang, Gabbard, and Warren are stronger since they pushed out policy proposals to the public. I mean Bernie has ideas but knows nothing of the fallout, Biden is just happy to think he’s there and Pete is really stronger in social issues but history as mayor proves his rhetoric hypocritical.

Klobuchar has revived her campaign and if she keeps speaking, her next debate performance could getter $5 million. The night after the debate in December her campaign earned $1 million in 24 hours.

Klobuchar has repeatedly said she’s won in districts which gives her an advantage because she’s done it “three” times already, but will you win those red districts vote for you once you tell them you want to federally fund Planned Parenthood?

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