The House has voted to impeach President Trump. It’s only the third such rebuke in American history. The move will cause a Senate trial, expected in January.

They can try all they want but they know with zero evidence and as big of a sham this has been President Trump will keep presidency and he will in 2020.

Trump faced charges of abuse of power and obstruction of Congress after a fast-paced inquiry into allegations brought y the House after he “allegedly” pressured Ukraine into investigating his political rivals. No evidence!

The vote was almost exactly along party lines. All Democrats indeed voted for the first article except Representatives Jefferson Van Drew of New Jersey and Collin Peterson of Minnesota. Representative Jared Golden of Maine joined Van Drew and Peterson as the only Democrats to vote against the second article, obstruction of Congress.

While every Republican house member voted no on both articles the lawmakers will vote on whether President Trump obstructed their investigation.

Mark my words President Trump will bring hell and fury to the democratic party and they will lose in a big way come election time in 2020.

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