Former acting FBI Director Andrew McCabe is suing the Justice Department and FBI over his firing last spring, alleging that the move was politically motivated.

Andrew McCabe is following Peter Strzok’s lead after Strzok filed a bit Tuesday suing the DOJ and the FBI blaming his firing on President Trump. McCabe claims President schemed “to discredit and remove DOJ and FBI employees who were deemed to be his partisan opponents because they were not politically loyal to him. “

McCabe is also accusing then AG Jeff Sessions and former Deputy AG Rod Rosenstein & DOJ IG Horowitz of crumbling under Trump’s pressure to fire him.mcCabe says the president threatened “to terminate Sessions and Rosenstein, and by accusing Sessions, Rosenstein, & Horowitz of disloyalty and/or bias.”

These fired FBI agents are attempting to save themselves from pending investigations by the DOJ by making it look like the government is going after them based on the lawsuit, but in my opinion, these suits won’t save them down the line.

They should all be in investigated and thrown in jail or cleared depending on the evidence brought upon by the investigations. We know it’s all about “what it looks like” to these people, the optics are key for sympathy. Did they act and do their duties by the book or were they driven by political motivations?

McCabe’s firing came the day before he was supposed to retire and eligible to receive benefits if I’m not mistaken. This is going to get ugly, Donald Trump ugly.

What are your thoughts?

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