Trump’s historic first steps into North Korea sparked a brawl between reporters and North Korean security guards. New Press Secretary Stepanie Grisham was roughed up hustling the White House press pool members into the room with Trump and Kim for their meeting and was bruised up.

In the video you can clearly hear the press say “U.S. pool” as they try to get through and also you can hear Grisham being handled by the North Korean guards physically saying “get off me” and “I need help here”. The scuffle did end once the Secret Service interfered, at one point, Kim appeared to chuckle at the ruckus as people shouted at each other to get out of the way. 

I applaud Grisham because she threw herself into it to madness to make sure the U.S. press got into the House of Freedom and sadly they were extremely overzealous. She’s done right in only a few days on the job and she just showed a country what freedom of the press means, Now I doubt that footage will be aired though.

Trump made history being the only sitting President to go across the DMZ and is hopeful that they can come to some sort of demilitarization of sorts, for lack of a better term. The trump administration is hopeful they can bring peace to the region.

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