When I was around 7 or 8 years old my uncle and aunt invited my family over to their house not for drinks or to eat, but to experiment with something they had never done before, the ouija board.

For contextual purposes, this story takes place 26 years ago which seems like a lifetime ago. There’s certain times when memories are brought up in life that make it seem as if they took place yesterday, they become much more prevalent than all the others.

So, when someone mentions the ouija board around me now, it no doubt triggers one of the earliest memories I have as a kid being absolutely freaked the f*** out.

I remember there being a full house of family and friends of maybe around 20 or so people looking at my aunt and uncle along with one member of my family using the actual board.

To the best of my recollection that’s who I remember, if there were other people using the board that day, I don’t know, but they’ll let me know I’m sure.

The Ouija Board Happenings

I don’t remember how it started or what the process was to activate or conjure up the board and get it going but nevertheless whatever they did worked.

My First Experience with the Ouija Board Scared the Shit Out of Me 1 Ouija Board
Ouija Board

Out of nowhere something made contact with them, you could definitely feel that there was a presence in the room. Come to find out the thing they made contact with claimed it was a “boy”, my uncle asked the “boy” what it wanted and the eye immediately spelled out, “kill her”.

My uncle asked out of curiosity who did the “boy” want him to kill, the “boy” said his wife, my uncle replied “why?” the “boy” said because she’s “evil”.

My Aunt

People either progress, regress or maintain some sort of stagnation where they just don’t go anywhere in life.

Back in the day my aunt was a tough, mean, rude, take no shit type of woman who would stand toe to toe with anybody if I’m being honest and she definitely held her own, I saw her, the person she is now compared to the he woman she was 26 years ago are night and day, two completely different people thank God.

So everyone seeing what this “boy” was wanting my uncle to do to her definitely didn’t sit well with her as she began provoking/taunting whatever it was that wanted her dead to the extremes. My aunt called it many profanities and said, “fuck you mother fucker, if you’re so fucking real give me a fucking sign,” well it did.


As soon as she said that the house became defeaning with it’s silence as did everyone in it to see if it they would hear or notice something out of the ordinary, it was the calm before the storm as they say, then out of nowhere loud deep scratches and digging came from all parts of the house as if there were things inside the walls trying to break through.

You talk about fear, there wasn’t a person in that house who didn’t look shocked and scared, but my aunt being my aunt provoked it one more time and that’s when she said it again, “if you’re so fucking real give me a fucking sign,” the scratches intensified and the digging turned into hard knocks at the front door.

Me and my cousin, her son, who was the same age as me were the only two people and the youngest there to go see what was at the front door, nothing was there, it sounded like hundreds of hands in the wall if I’m being honest, as soon as we shut the door and walked away it started all over again, then suddenly it stopped.

My aunt was really the only one who wasn’t as bothered by what had happened compared to everyone else there, at least to my knowledge.


I had heard rumors that my uncle burned it and it ended back on his table, but he was told he needed to break it in half first then burn it.

But who really knows what exactly happened with it but this was my first experience with something paranormal, evil, something that I know wasn’t good.

Since then I’ve had extreme curiosities into the paranormal and have had my own experiences with things of this nature.

I’ve been ghost hunting multiple times, experienced the ouija board as an adult, I’ve had my experience with the devil, but never ever stopped believing in Jesus Christ as my lord and savior.

Some will say I’m tempting the devil, the paranormal, etc., perhaps, but I believe with Jesus Christ in my heart and soul HE or THEY can’t get me, it’s what I honestly believe. I will say that I don’t get scared much, truly, but I do get freaked out.

As I’ve been writing this article there have been several instances in our house and it appears as if something is watching me, but as I did begin feeling some sort of presence I blessed myself with holy water and said the Lord’s prayer, and it’s gone.


The Takeaways

  • That was no boy
  • My aunt was truly strong
  • My family probably shouldn’t have been doing the ouija board with us youngsters in the room
  • Be careful what you wish for
  • Temping evil itself is dangerous
  • Never show evil any weakness
  • God is always with you
  • God wins in the end

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