Tana Gertz serves as an advisory board member for the Women for Trump Coalition, she’s worked on the 2016 Trump campaign and is a former contestant on season 3 of The Apprentice. Gertz in a new interview threw Mother Teresa in the mix as well, Teresa was canonized in 2016.

“There’s not a person alive that literally has done so much for a female, for the female population,” said Tana Goertz, Trump Team Coordinator in Iowa. “I can’t think of one person that I could go, except for Mother Teresa. I mean, literally, who has done more for women in office than Donald Trump?”

Goertz was asked how Trump could win back female voters who voted for him in the 2016 presidential election but supported Democratic Rep. Cindy Axne in the 2018 midterm elections.

“If Donald Trump was running, we would have never lost anything,” Goertz said. “There are different candidates running that don’t have the power that Donald Trump has, and the pull.”

I’m not a woman so I cannot attest to the female aspect of it, however, nobody has more electricity and is more on their toes than President Trump.

Do you believe President Trump has helped make progress for women across this country and how so? What more can he do? Are the comparisons to Mother Teresa just?

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